I love tires

Another day down..
Yesterday was really difficult. I only had a 2ft shoulder to ride on, so when the many semis went by I was in a mini tornado for a few seconds then 10 seconds of being drafted behind them. The only good part of the day. The flat nothingness really starts to get to you. Also having to grip the handlebars when any semis in my lane go by or even in the other lane I would get smacked with a wall of wind. If you can imagine having to watch behind you all day and getting ready for another semi. ALL DAY. Sigh. Close to the end of the day I was getting kind of stressed. So I actually had a couch surfer email me back from Bowling Green before I even left Jackie’s. I had about 5-8 miles till his house. It started raining… Every single day there is one last physical and mental challenge for me to get over before I can get to a place to stay. So I was taking to God and basically yelling.. ” Not like this isn’t dangerous enough!! Just add rain to the mix!! AWESOME!!” It slows to a constant spitting rain. I sit under a bridge for a while checking the weather on my phone. Cop pulls up and just makes sure I’m waiting out the rain and not broke down. Yes. I am. Thank you. So I THINK it has all passed and I head out again. Wrong. So I’m grumbling again. “Can’t I just get a BREAK!?” “I couldn’t possibly have a nice 2-3 days coming back into town??!” Sooo I look down to realize my back tire is low again. I just start laughing as it rains harder..
There is a bike shop here in town. The only one. Figure when I head out ill just get them to change it. I’m tired of messing with it.
Anyway my new friend Jason is pretty cool. He is still in school and is in Fine Arts. He can make all his own bowls and plates, cups and mugs, and is really good at glass blowing. He is 39, had a girlfriend for 7 years, no kids. He lives in an apartment close to school just hanging out till school starts again. Last night we were just going to eat in, but after having a rough day I said let’s go out and get something. So we did that. He said they only had bar food, so we went to a bar and he had a hamburger and I had a wrap. I paid because he let me stay at his place.

Well I just saw that my back tire is totally flat. So I need to pump it up enough to get to the bicycle place. I called just to make sure they could get me in. Said they were always busy but could. Just so mentally tired..

Lord give me motivation and endurance to finish this ride strong..

Today I’m dedicating to several people. Christy Snell Asher ( my good buddy Jason Snells sis ) wanted me to dedicate a day to her Grandmother, Texas McCauley who passed on due to brain Cancer. Also Jess LaRae Jasso who is in remission from Leukemia! Also the Ortiz Family which lost 16 lives to Cancer. Wow if there is a dedication to a family of Cancer this would be it!

Kati Stonebraker wanted me to dedicate today to Joel and Kimberly Saunders. Joel has had several run ins with neck and brain Cancer so I will also be peddling for you guys today!

I wish there were no such thing as Cancer.. But there is and I had it. I plan on making the best of it, and redirecting my physical discomfort to give hope to others. As I ride, I pray for my dedications that day.. I pray that God will heal you as he did me.

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