30% of rain, no thanks

I fell asleep about 10:30 last night and woke up having to pee pretty bad. “Please tell me it’s like 5am and I still have a few more hours to sleep..” Check phone. Doh! 7:15am. Well I did come back and sleep till 8, sounds like the guys are out there making a big breakfast. Today I’m leaving earlier, but it’s gonna be chilly today! Aiming for Jason Blossoms by tonight. Poor guy wanted to know how long we had to hang out. Wellll this isn’t really a vacation, so the evening but I won’t have to leave ASAP in the morning. So about 12 hours! :-/
Plan on Fri or Sat for my arrival.

I have dedicated to so many people with Cancer and to so many who have lost loved ones to Cancer that today is refreshing. Today Donovan and Cecily want me to dedicate my day to their new born, Vera Cummins! It would be my pleasure. :) Thanks guys!

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