After Linda showed me to a nice beach, took some pictures, she dropped me back off on the same highway. What an awesome person. :) gave me raspberry cupcakes she made and fresh veggies to go. Also 2 large power aids. Today I felt like I was bicycling on air. I don’t remember even when the bike was new everything working so smoothly. Maybe it’s just been a while? Lol. It was actually pretty chilly today, I put on my bright green jacket which kept me a bit warmer. Still it was nice when the sun came out to warm my weary little bones. Lol. It’s like there are days I like the sun and days I don’t want it. Made it to the Ohio border, it’s only like 60 miles through PA. I did about 50 today. Tomorrow I’m aiming on Cleveland to see my good childhood best friend Jason Blossom. So I’m really trying to get to bed early and get an early start. I sent like 6 couch requests to a town that has plenty of people, figured I would get ONE reply. Nothing. Even as I pulled over when coming into the town, nothing. Then it started to sprinkle! Nooo, I pulled out my vinyl waterproof table cloth and laid it over my sleeping bag and tent as I kept searching for a place to stay. I checked warm showers and there happens to be 2 people 15 miles from where I was. I didn’t feel like I had time to send them an email and reply back, so I just called one. Surprisingly he said sure, I won’t be home for a while but the back door is open. Lol cool! :) it’s supposed to rain tonight, so ANY place inside is amazing. There isn’t enough service out here for anything besides my blog and texting. Have some pics, but they will have to wait. As I pulled in, Rick and his brother Dave had JUST pulled in before me. Waved me to come around back. They are out here a little ways. 2-3 bedroom, really old house. So I met then both and he showed me around the house and to the shower and everything then left with his brother and said make yourself at home. Also an awesome trusting person. I see pictures on his fridge of some of his cycling tours. He is an older retired guy, but seems to like to stay in shape. He was in the Navy for 20 years and has 2 kids. One lives in Denver CO and I didn’t catch where the other was. When he wasn’t here I was trying to close a window in my room because it was getting cold quick.. The windows are really old wooden windows with glass panes in them. Welllll I pushed it down and it basically dropped and a piece of the glass in the middle busted and came out. Ahhh crud. Later on when he came back, I had to tell him. So I said Rick can you come in here a minute? He said yea, and I explained and showed him the glass piece, he said ah don’t worry about it. It already had a crack in it and he is surprised that they even open at all! I guess panes have came out before? I was prepared to pay him for it. Well that’s good then..? We sat and talked over dinner. He is the only one that lives here, but his brother lives next door and another family member nearby. He said nothing has ever seriously been wrong with him, so he has just taken his health for granted. He needed to get to the grocery, so he made us hot dogs, pickles, cheese, and baked beans. Skids like the kind of thing I would make myself at home!
So I put my clothes in the dryer and get ready for bed. He goes to bed at 10 and gets up at 5. Geeze that’s early. Well ill aim to sleep till 7:30 and start getting ready. I wish it wouldn’t rain on me tomorrow!
Falling asleep. Not a lot of crazy things today besides my bike workin like a well oiled machine!
Early to bed, early to rise!

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