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Yesterday was another good cycling day. I ended up riding 53 miles. Interesting how there wasn’t any wind. ;) Just the wind of me riding. When it’s flat and I have no wind, no turns to worry about, I can do between 15-18mph. I have about 150 miles till home. Figure ill aim for Bowling Green today, it’s about 49 miles? Or more because apple maps is great.

I had nice views along a lot of my ride. If you find highway 6 that runs right along the edge of Lake Erie, there were TONS of ‘Millionaire’ houses. I took a bunch of pictures. I also seem to make up names of cities or towns I go through by how nice the roads are and of they have a decent shoulder. I’m starting to sound like a cyclist now huh? I ran across ‘Vermillion’. I called it, ‘Vermilliondislikes’ because many times they had no shoulder at all and cars wouldn’t event bother to give you any space. Nice of them. I did run across a guy from the other side of the road who, when he saw me immediately came across the road to talk. I was on a break and just had finished eating some fruit and jerky. He didn’t have anything but water and a tall flag on the back. The American flag. He said they were riding for some cause. Said they were riding from San Francisco to New York. They were supporting… Bicycling Poverty or something? He said they had a carrier van and two other people. I didn’t see any so I asked. He said he was ahead of the others because they decided to take a dip in a pond but he just kept going. He was about a foot off the road and I was more because I was eating. Some truck going about 50 came reaaally close to him and he was like “Geeze man!!” And pulled his bike off a little more. Probably a good idea. Ended up running into the 2 other cyclists a mile or two later and then the last one another mile or two later.
Sadly I was on route 6 and it goes right beside Cedar Point. Lol. Can’t say I have ever thought about me coming here like this. Lol
I finally arrived at Jackie’s about 6:15pm. I had to tell her at the beginning of the day that I could only assume from 5-7. Lol kind of like me assuming what time ill be home 3 days from now? I mean I can make it a certain time so I’m not earlier. Oh yea ill also turn on my Glympse on my site for about the last hour. If anyone wants to meet up and ride just for fun, feel free!

Ill say now, ill aim for 5-6pm on Friday. I’m not exactly sure how to keep people posted while riding. Ill put out a notice that I’m turning on my Glympse and am about an hour front coming in. It will probably be a full day of riding.
Shot out some couch requests for bowling green. Sooo if anyone knows of places to stay in the Green or in Defiance?
Also a get together of sorts is in the making for Saturday. I guess Kandi is making arrangements and ill post when I know more..

So yea I arrived at Jackie’s. She lives with her mom and her 3 kids. All young boys. Of course they are excited to see another older guy and as soon as I get there, they act shy for about 10 minutes then start to show off and go craaazy. Lol So her and her mom make an amazing dinner of Caesar salad, baked chicken and cheese. I guess they forgot to make the breadsticks? Lol I still stuffed my face. Then I take a shower. When I get out everyone is outside playing. So I go out and the oldest wants to play ball. Why not? As long as I don’t have to run or get back on that bike. Lol

They end up going to bed at about 10 and we stay up talking for another hour or more. She only lives 2.7 miles away from the entrance. Lol. I know it doesn’t seem very far but when it’s the final stop of the day, it takes foreverrrr. I kept checking my GPS thinking I passed it. Nope. She also has a Siberian Husky. I know Alicia Pyle would approve! So right now they are cooking eggs and bacon. I never can get enough of that for breakfast!
Side note, most gas stations I stop at I end up talking to someone and giving them a card. The last guy I was telling him that I had ridden over 1000 miles and he just kept asking if I was for real. Umm yea. So he said he would look me up on Facebook when he got home.

So yea if we want to go to cedar point, we have a place to stay. :)

Today I’m dedicating my almost home day to Denyel Bond from Tae Kwon Do! She says, today is for me! Kinda stinks that I won’t be making it in 27 days, but I guess under a month works too. For not having ridding a bicycle 3 months ago for more than 3 miles, I would say I did pretty good. So thanks Denyel!

Tomorrow I have another dedication, then the final day ill open it up for ANYONE to post a dedication on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Vine! #thehoperide

Sigh. Another 50 miles.
Gotta keep peddling!

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  1. Nancy Slough

    Go Kevin! I’ve been reading your daily posts and, WOW!, how inspiring. Best of luck on the last leg of your journey!


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