So close, but so far

Yesterday was a good solid day of cycling! Prayers/Motivation/awesome weather/flat ground = I ride 72 miles!

The entire reason I hate using GPS is that yesterday it said I had 408miles to Fort Wayne. I get here and it says I have 375! Gahhhh I guess I’ll get there when I get there.. Until I get back on my map route, which has all the mileage posted, I can’t give an accurate mileage of how long till ill be anywhere. Booooo

So yesterday I rode and rode and usually ill have a headphone in. If everyday was like yesterday, I wouldn’t mind the distance so much. Today supposedly I have 60 miles till I get out of NY, so that will be cool! Yesterday I had dunkin doughnuts for breakfast, got a sandwich, a coffee and oatmeal. I couldn’t finish it all so I save the oatmeal till later. *Later* I stop in under an abandoned ATM drive up and eat my oatmeal. I notice, man my brakes are getting low! Kind of looks like they are grinding a bit into my rim! I’m googling bicycle shops and it says the only thing in town is a place called toys and bikes? Doesn’t sound like a legit bike shop. So I clip in and start peddling out of the parking lot and a red SUV comes up and stops beside me. Dan Schmidt. He asks me where I’m going and how far and a bunch of other cyclist questions. He said he is a pastor and loves to bike. He was telling me about this high protein drink that he makes and I just said I eat what’s at the gas stations because what he is explaining sounds too expensive. So oatmeal, beef jerky, granola bars, chocolate milk, dried fruit, are what get me through the day. He offers me a place to stay, but it’s midday so I definitely need to keep riding. He offers to pray over me! Haha wow, no one has done that so far, how cool?! Prays for my safety and that my bike doesn’t break down and that on this ride that I know I’m never alone. He is really fired up about this trip I’m on, and says he cant wait to get his bike out. After that I ask where a bike shop is in town and he gives me directions and I leave. End up finding the bike shop back tucked away behind a toy store, which it was connected to inside anyway. $40 and half an hour later I have new brakes!
I ask the guy how to use my bike pump, because just the day before Gary needed some more air in his tires and all I could do was deflate his tire with my pump! It looked like the head of the pump could twist, but it wasn’t budging. The guy said it should! So he grabs some pliers and it finally twists off. He flips some parts around inside and puts it back on. There. Just in case I get a flat I have on the right tip for my bike. Coool! Then he asked how many flats I have gotten so far. I said in 800 miles I haven’t gotten any! He said, boy you’re lucky. Lucky… Is that what that is..
So I sent out a group of couch surfing requests. I get one reply about 3pm. Asking my eta. Lol at least 3 hours? His name is Jeffrey. So I text him at every break to tell him my progress and at one point he said he will be in and out and the back down door will be unlocked. Then sends me a picture of the back of his house. Nice house! I make another turn onto a road that I’m supposed to travel 12 miles on. No shoulder, rush hour traffic. Looks like ill be riding on the bumpy, grass ridden sidewalks. I figure I had just packed my face with a mouthful of beef jerky I should be able to make it to his place in 12 miles without eating again. Yeaa I should have eaten again. But usually I like to shower and sometimes we go out to eat or whatever really. He texts me and says I hope you like wings! I like everything! There are like 2 miles till his place and I’m stopped waiting on roundabout traffic when an elderly couple start talking to me and asking questions. My intestines are killing meee at this point. I just have to make it another 2 miles! So we talk for about 7 minutes and they offer me a place to stay and I tell them I already have a place that’s 2 miles from here. The guy says that’s a shame because we and our son has a nice warm bed for you! I mean that would have been great any other time! So I take off again.
Finally getting to his nice house, and I cycle past everyone out walking or jogging or walking their dogs. Nice neighborhood! His car is in the driveway so I ring the front doorbell. No answer. Well he sent me a picture of the back of his house, so I figure ill compare. Walk around back and yep,looks the same! Knock on the back door and say hello?! 30 year old Jeffrey comes out, average build and invites me in. We talk for a bit and he tells me he works for immigration and that a friend is in town from..Maryland? And that he will only be around till 8:30 tonight. He has a NICE house and lives here by himself. He had looked at my website and said that he says in doing this for a good cause. Said he won’t be back till late but he leaves for work at 6ish in the morning, so in case he doesn’t see me again to have a great and safe trip! Crazy that he trusts me so much and doesn’t even know me! I guess if you dig in enough that I wish everyone were like that. I know you can’t trust a lot of people, but people can trust me. He has a 2 story house and it looks like he could have 4 bedrooms. 2 full bath. Fully finished basement with a stocked bar, very nice washer and drier, nice suede furniture in the living room and a flat screen tv. He is doing well for living here alone! So after I shower I finally get a chance to eat and he is leaving. He said he ordered buffalo wings since I’m basically in Buffalo! Lol so I start eating wings and organic strawberry juice. My stomach freaks out. I guess wings on my very empty stomach were not a good idea? Cramps and pain. I drink two glasses of milk hoping to coat the inside of my stomach. It eventually works but I’m already laying in bed, I had eaten 5 wings and in hopes it would stop the pain I ate a granola bar too. So I blog saying that I’m not up to it and fall asleep in my own room with an awesome bed. I put ear plugs in just so he doesn’t wake me when he gets home. His steps upstairs are super creaky. I am dreaming I’m still riding and when I am riding there is a metal click click clicking coming from the back of my bike. It’s the bottom hook from my saddle bag that the rubber has been scraped off and when the saddle bag moves it’s just a clicking. I wake up and I can still hear the clicking?! Still thinking I’m dreaming I sit up and and sit up and wait a bit. Yep still there. Lol. I stand up and try to find it, come to find out it was Jeff in the shower and the walls were making it? Lol crazy how through I ear plugs I could hear it and it probably got into my dreams! Any who I wake up the next morning and my stomach has settled. I come downstairs and there is a note from Jeff saying that I can have whatever I want in the fridge and he put out several bowls of cereal and there is yogurt and fresh fruit in the fridge! Awesome guy! So I put my clothes in the drier and have a bowl of Cheerios, when I get a FaceTime call from my bro Andy. Lol I look like junk but whatever. And we talked for a good 20 min about life and life back home and here on the road. I tell him all the things God has done for me on this trip and he agrees. God is in every moment of our lives, but we are so self sufficient that we either ignore him, or never let him show us anything. Sad really.

But I need to get ready to head out. Aiming to be out of NY by the end of today. Should be very nice weather again!

This amazing day I’m dedicating to one of the few people I actually look up to. Cody and Stacey Harting. I have never seen that guy angry! I’m sure Stacey has, but you guys are awesome, thanks for supporting me!

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  1. Alicia

    “God is in every moment of our lives, but we are so self sufficient that we either ignore him, or never let him show us anything” Good word Kevin.


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