The Good End to a Poo Day

This morning started out terrible.. Well not bad thennn terrible. Jason made a nice breakfast for us, French toast, cereal, a banana, and coffee. It took a while for me to finally end up getting out of there. So much stuff going on at home, that I shouldn’t have to worry about, then many people understandably want to know my route in to town. My coming home party, which I feel like I should scroll through my friends list and invite anyone that is a friend or had anything at all to do with this ride. So I spent 10 minutes doing it, press the wrong button and, woosh! It’s all gone! Gah! Ill have to do it later. I was so much in a hurry, I forgot to get a pic with my new bud Jason! Sorry man or at least some pics of the glass sculptures you made. I pumped my tire up enough to get me the mile down the road. So I end up leaving later than I would like to, like everyday. It’s sunny and says in the forecast 80 and sunny all day. Shouldn’t have to worry about rain. Excellent. Well I called the bike shop first but that was in my last blog post. I end up finding it again and go in and happen to talk to the same guy I talked to on the phone. I tell him that I have messed around with the back tire enough, I would rather a pro fix it. So literally 20 minutes he puts a new tube on and slaps it back on the bike. Geeeze that was quick. I would have been almost 2 hours just trying to figure out what was wrong, course I only had one more new tube, figure I would keep my last good tube just in case anything happened in these last 2 days.
I figured I could do the coming home invites while he changed the tire, but since it only took him 20 minutes, I paid $14 and took my new fancy bike back outside. I then went through Facebook again and added friends to my coming home party. I went through really quick, so if some were invited multiple times or not at all, I was squinting in the sun clicking in names. So come anyway!
Well the tire guy asked me which route I was taking out of town and I told him I had planned on 6 to 24. Was that ok? He replied, ” Ahhhh why must bicyclists always take 6?! I call that road death road!! I have been hit 2x on that road and one time I came close to dying!” Ummmm right… Well I rode on that road all day yesterday… :-/ so he told me to stick to my maps at least until Defiance then a combination of people told me to take OLD 24 over the new one. I understand the new one has tons of semis and fast traffic. Good advice! ..if I wouldn’t have had that flat I probably would have road on 6 yesterday again..
When EVERYTHING was all said an done, I think I finally ended up taking off about 1pm ish. I had about 47 miles to cover. I felt like I would never get there and it would be dark by the time I did! So now that I’m on the adventure cycling association maps again, the roads are really bumpy. I suppose it’s better then semis. So I have gone about 8 miles and the dark clouds move in quick. I find a gas station to take cover and soon after it’s pouring rain! Nice. No rain today. So I’m thinking, will I ever get there? I have two tests left and this is one of them. Surprisingly the blob of rain and wind doesn’t last that long and I can head out again. I’m peddling past some kind of carnival and I can see a big dorsal truck coming and like usual I squeeze over further on the side of the road. He goes by, no one in front of him and just pumps the gas peddle enough for a nice black cloud in my face! No they don’t make black clouds when they touch the gas, that was on purpose. Man I got angry.. He ended up stopping at a stop light a little ways ahead and I so badly just wanted to smash a rear tail light. I said out loud, Lord give me patience!!! I pulled up next to them, 2 guys in their early 20′s and just glared. 2 ft from their open window. Then turned to see that no one was at the light turning so I rode through the red light. There was another light ahead with a turning lane and I decided to take up a lot of my lane since they were coming behind me. Well they ended up turning and my light turned green so I kept going straight. UGH!! That was the most rude thing that has happened this whole trip. They just looked at me and I at them, then turned to go. Yep this day isn’t going so well.
Well all day I’m riding through fields of corn and barren roads. Some of the time I’m riding along side the Maumee river, but it usually smells pretty bad. Campers and corn. Welcome home I’m thinking. I only had 2 people on couch surfing that I contacted and 1 guy from warm showers that lives in defiance. All day, windy again. I even made a little video to show how windy it was, ALL the time, at my face. It was an 11mph day.
Anyway I have no responses from anyone online. So after much peddling (I feel like several hours of peddling, you can’t even describe it well enough. One sentence = a lot of sweating) I finally arrive in Defiance. I check my phone again. No one. So I guess it’s either a church or a campground..? I remember 7-8 years ago I dated a girl named Alissa. I don’t remember how we met, but she lived in Defiance with her family. We had still been friends, but it’s been a few years since we have talked. Wellllll I decided to give her a call out of the blue. Last I knew she was engaged and living in Chicago. She answered and knew it was me. “Kevinnnnn?!!” Haha! She had heard news of my trip and wondered if I would be coming through or by Defiance. So we talked a bit while I’m standing on the side of the road. She has moved around a lot and now lives in Atlanta, GA with her fianc√©. I asked if her family still lived here and she said yea, everyone but her! I had met her family several times and I knew they liked me and I liked them. I just needed a place to sleep inside! Long story short she calls her mom and her mom sad I should come stay and that I would be welcome. :) I toss the address in my phone and I’m only .8 miles from her house. Whaaaaat? No physical challenge?? No rain? It had been sunny since it rained last.
So I get here and her mom and boyfriend live here. Such awesome people. She takes me down to the fully finished large basement and says I can have it all. They make me dinner, large pork chop and a baked potato and they start watching a movie on tv. Judy and Paul. Judy asks if i want a beer because they are drinking wine. Sure why not? So I sit down, on their couch after eating with a beer and frosted mug that Judy gives me, and it feels amazing! Lol Paul almost begs me to have another beer but I haven’t showered yet. They mention that the downstairs bathroom has a tub with a whirlpool in it. Man that sounds good… So I tell them I think I’m just going to go soak in the tub and let my always sore muscles relax.
A good end to a poo day.

Well I have been typing away at this blog for an hour again.

Today. I’m comin home!! Yes it looks like it will rain all day, and it will probably just hover above me. My final exam. Riding in the rain is always fun! … When it’s the last day.
They are saying a bunch of yellow and red is coming. Lol. Ah yes, the worst day of weather, on my last day home.

I need to get going, they are making me breakfast and have a T off time in Toledo.

Today. Today. Today is for anyone that hasn’t been mentioned who has Cancer, who has family who has had Cancer or knows of a friend who has it! Ill be home soon!!

OLD highway 24 turns into Washington downtown. Then making a turn on Clinton to pass through headwaters park. I was already told my mom would be at headwaters. :) Then just taking the greenway back to my apartment in Canterbury. Aiming at downtown being about 5:30pm. It’s ok if you don’t want to come out in the rain, I don’t blame you!

Saw the weather. Lol nice big colorful blob running across Fort Wayne headed straight East to me. Looks like a wet day.

Tomorrow is my coming home party at Envision Church from 5-7:30pm. Address is 4822 Projects Dr
46825. If you didn’t get the invite, come anyway! ( I must have missed you )

It’s 10:30am and it has just started to rain. Ah yes the time when I am about to head out. Ah well. Ill be home tonight. :)

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  1. Sue Pierce

    Perserverace and determination are your strong suits Kev! You WILL make it…soggy or not. Just remember how slippery the greenway is when wet!


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