Through Cleveland Or Bust

So Ricks brother came over at 8am to have breakfast and Rick cooked us a big breakfast of eggs, toast, a banana, bacon, and grits. I eat EVERYTHING that is given to me. Lol he is talking to his brother saying its almost 9am, and we haven’t left yet!! I’m thinking its 9am and I’m barely awake! Anyway they leave and he just tells me to shut off the lights and close the back door behind me. Sounds good. Linda and Rick are the only 2 people that I have run across that actually have guest books in the room for me to write them a message. His girlfriend recommended him to do it. He was telling me about a friend that said to him, “How can you just let people stay there when you aren’t home?? What if they steal something??” I guess he just laughed, they are on BICYCLES, and there is nothing to steal! Hey if they can figure out a way to attach a chair to their bicycle, they probably need it more than I do. ” I guess I hadn’t thought about it like that. Same guy said he should leave a tip jar in the bedroom and bathroom. Haha he said that’s not the point. He understands that getting out of the weather, mosquitoes, sun, and having a dry place to sleep is a God send to those touring cyclists. I couldn’t agree more! ANY place inside is amazing. So I filled out his guest book, (I was the first person to sign) I guess he has had 11 or 12 people stay with him and he was finally convinced to put a guest book in the room. Anyway I filled it out and left him a tip.. His first tip! Apologized for the window.

They said a 30% chance of rain all day. Sure didnt look like it in the am! Sunnyyyy! It was great! EXCEPT allllll day there was it seemed like 20mph winds in my face and blowing my little bike all over the place. At one point I said out loud, ” Lord, if you could just hold the wind off FOR THE NEXT COUPLE DAYSSS!!! ” yelling at that point. Didn’t realize there were people close by, and they looked. Well not close but heard me yell something. But I just grumbled and kept peddling.

I have so many thoughts all day.. I made up a few decent quotes. I have always said, Mind over Matter.
But I realized there is Mind over Matter, but God over mind.
Or, Our inconveniences are his opportunities.
I did have a two more dog experiences yesterday. I mean I didn’t have to stop my bike, but I saw one dog as I passed realized I was there and take off from about 50ft away, but I knew he would never catch me, so I just peddled on! Another one was right by the road and started to charge, but thank The Lord I noticed he was on a chain. Kinda laughed at him as I went by and he was freaking out. :-P
So yesterday was pretty much flat till I hit Painville. Yep. Huge hill! The kind I would have liked to snowboard down. This guy, no longer pushes his bike. I notice that when I stop for about 30 seconds my legs recoup about all the way and I can keep peddling. Cool eh?
So I have directions to Jason’s place and he kind of lives on the west side of Cleveland. He mentions coming through the East side, welllll isn’t the best side of town. He said its probably not a good idea to stop for longer periods of time. Anyway I have like 20 miles to go. It takes a lot more effort in big cities watching from every side and at full attention. Usually I just pay attention to behind me and the cars coming. Through here I have to pay attention to not only cars behind me, but I’m usually in the far right lane, but most of the times in the city, cars park there. So not only cars passing but I have to go far enough away from the parked cars in case anyone opens their car door. Then people who want to turn right coming from behind me, isn’t as interesting as people turning left from the other direction, those are the people I need to see me. OR people that race to the stop sign on my right is kinda freaky too. Always have my hands on the brakes. So I end up going downtown and pass by Progressive Stadium, where the Indians play? Gues a there was a game going on too. Ya know just to add to the chaos of traffic. I’m like 10 miles from Jason’s, but I see the first Cancer place I have seen the entire time. I can afford a few minutes to stop in. So i walk in looking for the information desk. Never usually hard to find i find Rodica Martin sitting at the desk. I’m not really expecting anything? Just plan on stopping in and handing a card out and continuing on. She is now my new Facebook friend. She was saying how awesome it was what I was doing and tried to call several administrators with no luck. I guess their PR lady isn’t around either. So she takes a picture of me and writes down info about me. Finally she gets a call back and one of her bosses (can’t remember name) comes down and I tell her my story. She is very impressed and says can I at least show you around our complex? She doesn’t want me to stop by for nothing. She said if she would have known they would have had a little more of a greeting. Lol well I would have liked to know this place was along the way too.

Side Note. I’m off route of my maps, the maps had me zig zagging up along the coast. Like 10. Different turns in a 20 mile area. Not fun when I have to stop and worry about if I missed my turn or what road is next. Actually I was planning on taking 20 West in the am, but Rick advised against it and said I should take 84 which runs parallel but at least has a shoulder. In the AM everyone is heading into Cleveland to work and there I am on the road and people have to squeeze by me or get in the other lane. He advises me to take Ridge Road. Lol I have been on a ridge rd before and it’s actually up a decent sized hill and the road rides along the ridge. He said up there the two weather fronts kind of collide? Normal weather and the lake weather meet up there. I guess it rains on one side and not really the other. Somehow I manage to avoid all the actual rain and just get a few sprinkles.

Anyway she is showing me around and introducing me to a lot of people telling my story for me now. Had a lot of “Oooooh” “Wow” “Thats Awesome!” Pretty cool! She takes pics on her camera and says she will send them to me. So I also run and grab my phone and I snap a few shots. All in all, a good visit!

Finally arrive at Jason’s. 58 miles. It seems like a lot longer because of how much brain power needed to navigate through the city.
My old childhood best friend. You know the person is a great friend when you haven’t seen them in years and there is no awkwardness and you just pick up where you left from years ago! He was another one of my moms sons when we were young, I was at his place as often as I was at mine. He has a girlfriend and a little girl now. 14 months old and lives in a decent apartment that has lots of toys for his kid around. Amy is his girlfriend and Savannah is his daughter. They cooked me dinner, spaghetti, salad, corn and breadsticks then breakfast, eggs, toast, and a banana. I seem to get fed so well with anyone I stay with. We just sat for a few hours and reminisced. Talked about all the people we knew and where they are now in life. Talked about my family and his and how everyone is doing. What a good time. He took us all out to get ice cream too. Ended up passing out about midnight.
He works at LongHorn Steakhouse and had to work at 11:45am. So I’m here now getting lunch then taking off from here. He rides his bike to work because its that close. Nice 10 min ride through neighborhoods and a park and through a mall parking lot. It was definitely cool to see him again. Next stop Sandusky to visit my friend Jackie, who I have known for years too. The only 2 people I knew along my entire ride and they are 1 day bicycling apart. Nice to see familiar faces, well some what.

I have News Channel 15 asking for an update on when ill be coming in to town. Ok so this is for everyone else too. From Defiance Ohio, ill come in on 24 and head straight into downtown, turn and head to headwaters park and if there are any suggestions for a place to stop and chat, lemme know, if not I’m just going to take the river greenway home. It will be amazing waking up and not having to pack up my life and get on my mobile home..

Today I don’t have to go as many miles, but about 47-50. Still quite a ways, but I have pretty much stopped looking at my maps and just taking roads or minor highways to get me there. Which is why my GPS can’t predict how many miles, because it takes me on major highways.

Today I dedicate to miss Mary Brown. You Browns are awesome I tell you what! In loving memory of her Grandmother who recently died of Cancer and to Frank Kelly (her grandfather) who was diagnosed with Cancer merely days after his wife died. I pray that you will live a much longer life and that Cancer doesn’t win! You got this Frank! I didn’t struggle and sweat up these hills for nothing! :)

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  1. Sue Pierce

    Yes people are asking about the day and approx. time you will be back in the Fort! If you have have a clue in the next day or so please let us know!


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