Tree house!!

Welllll this morning didnt really go as planned. I got all my things together and started pushing my bike out the door when I felt like something to dragging or rubbing or something was wrong. I thought it was my new brakes that they were just rubbing the tire. Ended up being my first flat tire. Ironically enough the guy showed me how to flip my pump to the right side the day before and somehow I didn’t notice as I rode to his place? It seemed to just go flat overnight. Lol. Anyway, best place I can get a flat tire. Still inside his enclosed patio. Besides taking all the stuff off and putting it back on it took me an hour and ten minutes to change my tube. All seemed good until a few miles in to my ride. There is a small depression in my tire in one spot. Not much to easily notice, but feels like a small bump with each rotation of the tire. Small enough that I didn’t notice it till I knew I was riding on totally flat ground and could feel it. Ah well. I also noticed that one of the small screws that holds the bottom of the back rack was loose. Thought maybe that was the noise I kept hearing from the back. So I tightened in making sure I didn’t strip the screw. Well obviously I wasn’t making sure well enough, the screw broke right off. At least over half was still in there. Lol. Soo I grabbed two tie straps and strapped the back rack to the frame just to make sure it wouldn’t go anywhere. Lol.
So I’m finally leaving and it’s like 3pm. Ugh. And I’m hungry. Ugh x2. End up stopping at a gas station for an hour and buying a frozen hot pocket, Doritos, a blueberry muffin, and some peanut butter crackers. They had a microwave that I used. They had a car shop connected to the building too, and the lady said they just always used the blue paper towels to microwave. So yea I say outside on the ground and ate. Then I was trying to figure out where i was going to be staying that night and how many miles I could get in. I had initially sent couch requests/warm showers to people just over the New York border, 2 people replied and I had to apologize to say I wouldn’t be making it that far due to my flat. I send out requests and surprisingly there are two warm showers people about 30 miles down the road that I message. I bike a little ways further and check my phone on breaks. They both have replied back. One said, I hope a tent and a shower is ok? And the other says he is 15 miles south of the town ill be in at basically his summer home. But he could come pick me up from the pier if I wanted? Said to give him a call. He also said you could bike it, but it’s basically 15 miles uphill. Haha ummm no thanks. I end up calling him about the ride because I’m not really in a tent mood believe it or not and he says there is a pier in Dunkirk and he could meet me there in a little over an hour. I have 15 miles to get there. Sure sounds good to me! This highway 5 goes right along the coast, with of course a little bit of hills but I at least get to see small beaches along the way and really nice scenery. (Later found out they import sand for the summer time because its usually filled with dead fish and seaweed.) I was seeing houses right along the coast and was thinking this would be a really nice place to come back and visit. Right on Lake Erie. Except there are hoards of very tiny lake flies that are in clouds as im biking. When you hit the cloud you feel like someone tossed sand in your facd, but lighter and more gross. Anyway I get to the pier and ride to the end. Very nice place. Take some pics and Geoff (tells me to call him Jeff because everyone else does) pulls up in his cool bright orange sporty VW car, not even 5 minutes after I get there. Thin, tan, in shape guy, about 26-27 years old. Surprisingly I just take off my saddle bags and my bike will fit in the car. He has a bike rack on top as well. So we are driving and he is asking me if this is my first tour and how many he has done with his brother Jeremy. It’s nice to be able to do these tours with someone the same fitness level you are, so you don’t have one person always waiting on the other. So we are driving, and I’m sure glad I didn’t bike it! Some of these hills we are racing up and down feel like I’m on a roller coaster! He is telling me about this place that him and his brother usually go to (where we are headed) that him, his brother and mainly their dad built. He describes it as a log cabin type place with no running water, but they have electricity. Sounds good, I told him any place inside is better than outside! So we finally arrive and he pulls in between trees right before a wooden post and it’s just grass. Not even really a driveway. Lol mmkay? He said because they built it, they don’t even have an address. As soon as we go past the trees it opens up into a nice pond with a 10ft wooden platform to high dive from and a zip line that goes over head across the pond. That’s cool! As we go further there is a nice fire put with a fire and chairs around it and a wooden 2 person swing. There is a small house looking thing and I assume that is where we will be staying. Nope. It’s just where the power or whatever they need is stored in there. We end up walking down through an opening in the trees into this forest and down a path that has mulch on and I’m now walking on wooden boards as the space beneath the boards gets larger and larger. Basically as I walked I was getting higher off the ground because it takes a steep downturn. You really need to see pictures… This. Is the most AMAZING multi level tree house I have EVER seen! Not like a children’s tree house but adult tree house in size. I don’t even know how to describe it. They have hammocks, very thick wooden doors to this place. On the main door they have a rope that comes outside attached to a boat anchor to keep keep the door closed and a massive wooden handle. Inside is very tall and open. They have really done well in keeping this place very home like. They have a refrigerator and boatish things hanging from the walls. I get the full tour. Across the room is a wooden ladder that goes up to the next level. Up there is a bed that you can look over the railing and see the floor below and they have a full bed with blankets and there is always a light switch to every place. Laying in this bed which they said I could sleep in I’m facing a tv with a bunch of movies beside it. There is a walk way of boards on my level where you can look down and see the floor below. They made a stair case with a thick wooden log railing that takes you up to the next level. There is a hatch that you can close in this room. Let me remind you there are large widows everywhere you look so you can see outside. They have this room decked out too with a couch and a wall mounted telephone and a tv on the other side of the room there is also a ladder that goes up to yet another open level, basically a loft that had bedding in it overlooking the level below. The level below they call the crows best because its up so high in the trees. There is another wooden door that you can go out and there is a deck that goes all the way around the outside with multiple chairs to just sit in and stare out into the woods. I mean we are close to the tops of trees up here. There is no railing on anything and there are large trees that they cut holes in the wood that come up through. Anyway, I don’t think I could have imagined a better place in my mind. You NEED to see the pictures!
Anywho I meet his brother Jeremy when I walk in and he is about the same age and build as Jeff. Jeff brought a pizza back for them to eat and they have fresh watermelon too. They offer me some food and melon and we head outside to a picnic table to eat. Jeremy just got back from Alaska for 3 weeks, I guess he just went up there to work. 16 hour days for 2 weeks. Lol. A fish assembly line where he made 2 slices and the fish went on, 2 slices and the fish goes on. For 16 hours a dayyyyy. Geeze sounds like a nightmare to me. He did meet a lot of cool people though. We end up getting stuff for shmores and heading out to the fire they made. We just sit around and tell stories and they ask me about my time through cancer. Nice relaxing night. I guess they usually go out there every weekend… Just to do nothing? Jeff reads a lot and Jeremy… Well I don’t know. He relaxes. If people have their man caves, this is a man treehouse. I would have loved to just stay for a week. They even have an out house where you can go #2. It looks like a classic outhouse with a moon cut out in the side and they have the whole property lined solar powered lights. They even had a solar powered light for the out house.
Anywho we end up going to bed and in the morning I swear I took 30 pictures. Ill post those here in a bit. But they gave me sweats to put on and I give them back. I tell Jeff that he should take me back to the same place he got me so I don’t ‘cheat’. Jeremy is still sleeping when we leave so here I am blogging at the end of the pier. Speaking of, there were millions of these tiny clear green gnat sized flies just run me out of my bench by the water. I took a pic of how many there were on one of my saddle bags. They are on everything!
Forgot to add that Jeff took me to a farmers market so I could get some fruit. Got 3 bananas, a plum, a peach, and an apricot. Yummm
So my ride out of New York today is for my awesome Bro Andrew Sanders and he dedicated today fo me!! Love you bro!

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